Thursday, March 5, 2009

Organic Jewelry

I may have mentioned in passing that part of me dreams of either working on or somehow being part of an organic farm. (Hmm...something to consider now that I'm in the market for a new job!) I am very interested in sustainable agriculture and I have a ton of respect for the people who are actually doing it because it's seriously hard work. I first saw these earrings, which are by a company named River Song, at the New York Gift Show in January. It was started by River Burke, who lives outside of Seattle, during a winter break from organic farming. She does an impressive job at capturing the different moods of nature and I love that she says that she sees the "jewelry we wear as an expression of our human uniqueness, our relationships and our pleasure". I love thinking of jewelry from that perspective. Make sure you head to her site to look at the necklaces—they are really lovely.

(and thank you all for the very warm welcome back!)


  1. So very pretty! And there is a store in my town that sells it?! Awesome! I will have to go check into that!

  2. I will definitely check out this jewelry.
    It's so funny that you mention the organic farming; each year I've expanded my own garden (organic in that I do not use any chemicals...just water and sunshine!) but would love to reach a point where I just farm all spring and summer long and perhaps start my own little Plain Jane Produce Co-Op! So much work...!

  3. Dawn, if you start your produce co-op, I'll come help you tend it!

  4. HaHa-I know New Yorkers are used to traffic, but it's quite a commute to Georgia! ;-)