Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Sister's Sunflowers

So remember my lovely sister Katie? The one who was recently married? Well, she's also a very talented artist who happens to spend her days working at an environmental consulting firm in the DC area. (Amazing how some people are so able to use both right and left sides of their brains!) She shared this recent painting with me and I thought I'd share it with you both to give her a little blog love and because I think what she says about her efforts really strike a cord with so many of us who try to fit our creative pursuits into an otherwise busy life.

From Katie:
"I've been wanting to paint more - I enjoy it so much and hardly get around to doing it - there's always something else that seems to demand my attention (the wedding! everyday errands and chores!), but I decided that it's something I just need to make a priority. Also, I've been admiring the sunflowers at the supermarket around the corner for two or three weeks now, thinking about how nice it would be to paint them. I'm not usually one to buy myself fresh flowers, but the sunflowers were so vibrant that they really caught my eye. It was a grey, chilly day when I bought them, so I didn't feel bad about staying indoors to paint, especially when I could look at bright, happy flowers.

I have this idea of making a series of similar paintings and I would love to do all sunflowers. Yellow has sort of become an accent color in the apartment - remember the yellow dresser, and the yellow mixer? I've really been drawn to yellow lately. Anyway, it's nice to do an activity that is so rewarding, and so immediate. It's great seeing results right away, isn't it?"

Yes my sweet little sister, it definitely is.

Also, I would like to share that when I got home last night, the print from yesterday had arrived in the mail. I cannot properly describe how much more amazing it is in person. It has a matte finish and the size is slightly elongated, 8x12, and it's really divine. I need to get myself to a frame store stat!


  1. I love how your sister made time for painting. Wise ideas, and thank you for sharing her work. I was totally smitten by the jewelry and other bits you mentioned about her wedding, Amy.

  2. I love sunflowers and Katie did a great job painting this one! It's wonderful that she makes time for creative pursuits.