Monday, March 30, 2009

Weekend Project: Cupcakes + Williams-Sonomoa Giveaway!!

This weekend I went a few towns up the Hudson River to Beacon, NY to stay with friends. We went hiking, made some wedding favors for their big day in June and I got to cook for more than just myself, which I always love. I made meatballs (a perfect-post hike meal with pasta and Roselli's sauce!) and Red Velvet cupcakes. I used a Sprinkles mix from Williams-Sonoma, which was a breeze to bake and the results were heavenly. And somehow, this was my first encounter with Red Velvet and I was extremely happy. I love the combination of the chocolately flavor, the festive red color and the buttery cream cheese frosting.

Which brings me to this week's giveaway! Williams-Sonoma has generously offered to giveaway the following products to one lucky blog reader. To enter, please post a comment about your favorite baked good—what it is, who makes it or where you buy it and/or why you love it so—by 11:59 EST Friday April 4th. One winner will be chosen at random.**

Here's what's included in the prize (that's worth nearly $82!!):
Vanilla and Chocolate Cupcake mix by Sprinkles, a very popular cupcake shop in Beverly Hills.
Daisy Crown Cupcake Pan which makes 6 huge cupcakes surrounded by five large petals. This pan is nonstick and will certainly get you baking and ready for spring!

Silicups Brights, Set of 12 silicone muffin or cupcake liners. These are reusable and spare you the fuss of having to grease your pans.

**Please make sure you post the comment using either your name or an online id (rather than posting it as an anonymous user) so I know who you are. I will post the winner first thing the morning of Monday April 7th, so you will need to check back then to see if you have won so you can email me your address. Good luck!


  1. YUM! These are my husband's favorite...mine is Snicker Bar Cheesecake, which I have yet to make but would love a recipe/some help for if anyone knows!

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  3. Hi, I am Shirley Burke and this is a post to Williams-Sonomoa Giveaway!!

    My favorite baked good is a banana nut muffin I make myself from Betty Crocker Premium Banana Nut Muffin Mix. I purchase the mix from my local Safeway grocery. I love nuts and bananas and this is the perfect muffin. I bake the muffins in my muffin top pan (which I love) this way I get to have the crusty top of the muffin without all of the inside. I recommend the muffin top pan to anyone who does not like all of the dough inside of the muffin.

    Shirley Burke

  4. Wow, some very cool things from William-Sonoma! One of my favorite things to bake is chocolate chip pound cake. I love pound cake and the chips seem to make it special. It's an easy cake to make, and I make it frequently for birthdays. Most of the time I just sprinkle confectioner's sugar on it because it is so rich. A light dripped icing would work also. Charlotte C

  5. Thistle Cove Farm shortbread baked in a thistle cookie mold is my favorite. My recipe is extremely versatile but even plain it's still wonderful.
    Great giveaway and many thanks.

  6. My favorite is birthday doesn't really matter what kind of actual cake, or frosting. It's just that it is a BIRTHDAY cake. We have always made sure to have the appropriate number of candles, sing the song, take pictures..the whole deal. I must admit that I am partial to chocolate, and cheesecake frostings.

  7. Hi Amy,

    I love Williams-Sonoma! I buy many of their products and supplies at their Chedarhurst, Long Island store and through their online catalog. Their pumpkin pecan pancake mix last fall was outstanding! I hope they offer it again this autumn.

    I've tried the dark chocolate Sprinkles mix and loved it was so rich and moist and chocolaty! I'll have to try the red velvet mix as I never tried making that flavor before.

    Did you ever try the NYC Magnolia Bakery's cupcakes? The hype is true ..they are outstanding! I love their hummingbird cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. So moist and delicious!

    I'd LOVE to win this fingers crossed :-)

  8. Hi Amy,
    First off I want to say this is an amazing giveaway! These are some great items from Williams and Sonoma. It's very hard for me to choose my favorite baked good, because I love all baked goodies, but, I think that Smitten Kitchen's Double Chocolate Torte is amazing and undoubtedly decadent. The torte has mousse, fresh raspberries and of course, chocolate! What more could you ask for?

    Here is a link for the recipe:

    Thanks again :)
    caithyla (AT) vt (DOT) edu

  9. I would love those!

    My favorite thing to bake is cakes from scratch. I keep thinking they will look like a professional made them but they are typically lopsided, crumbs in the frosting, etc. They still taste good though!

  10. those look lovely! that cupcake tin would be ideal for my favourite baked item- muffins! gluten free (i'm getting better with working with alternative) banana nut are my FAVOURITE thing to make, eat and give!

  11. What a neat giveaway. I've heard of Sprinkles, but never had their cupcakes. :) My favorite baked good is home-baked crusty bread, made by my friend. It's delicious and reminds me of being gathered around the table, laughing and talking with each other. Thanks for having such a fun giveaway!

  12. My favorite items to bake are the World Peace cookies, a recipe by Dorie Greenspan. I love this giveaway, thanks for offering it.


  13. Some great gifts from a great company, just right to get you baking for Easter holidays! I had the best, healthy, delicious, raisin bran muffin at Corner Bakery in Chicago! I've tried to duplicate it at home, but to no avail. The muffin was dense, moist, and full of huge plump raisins and goodness. I can still smell the aroma of the coffee there and my muffin, the taste of which I shall never forget. Sheila from south TX

  14. Oh how I would LOVE to win this!!! My favorite baked good is a chocolate peanut butter cake that I make. It is DIVINE and holy ;)

    I also love scones and all sorts of breads and cupcakes and well, anything with sugar ;)

  15. Those cupcakes sounds wonderful! Two weeks ago we had no trouble finishing a birthday spice cake. We love to bake (and eat!) cookies all through the year. We make many cut out cookies for the holidays, frosted and sprinkled. Our current favorite is oatmeal raisin from scratch! A great summer cookie is a chocolate no-bake with cocoa and oatmeal.

  16. Wow! It is very nice of William-Sonoma and Things We Make to offer such a fabulous prize.

    I'm really into baking cornbread and sundried tomato muffins for my friends and family. I love that they are savory and moist. As far as sweet treats go, I love Fat Witch Blonde Witches. There are no words to describe how amazing they are.

    Thanks and good luck to everyone : )

  17. I love my aunt's homemade bread and my grandmother's monkey bread. I have never made homemade baked bread so when it is available at family gatherings I delight in it!

    Such a fun giveaway from W-S!

  18. By far my answer is fresh croissants. There's a small bakery in the town I just moved out of that drenches them in honey while they're still hot, and oh my gosh, I can't think of anything more amazing.

    What a fun giveaway! And I was just considering what to do for my daughter's third birthday party!!

  19. There is a french pastry shop in downtown Santa Fe and they have the best chocolate eclairs.

  20. I LOVE warm brownies with ice cream on top. Add some fudge and a touch of caramel, and it is the yummiest. Think I'll go make some now!

  21. Hi Amy,
    One of my favorite baked goods are a recipe of my grandmother's called walnut sticks. They are like a very think and delicate biscotti with cinnamon and sugar. She developed the recipe herself from something she had years ago. Delicious!

  22. We love cupcakes!! What a perfect giveaway! My girls love coming home after school to fresh baked cupcakes, a fun way to end the day.

  23. My absolute favorite baked goods are my moms red velvet cake cupcakes. I don't know how she does it but the cupcakes always turn out SO MOIST and she makes the icing herself!

  24. My favorite baked good is this recipe from Epicurious for Banana Bread with Chocolate Chips and Walnuts. By far the best I've ever had! *Not much of a walnut fan so I swap with pecans instead ;) Yumm!

  25. My favorite thing to bake is Red Velvet Cake. Its beautiful, moist, and a classic!

    Thanks for letting me enter!

    CherryBlossomsDesign at hotmail dot com

  26. My favorite thing to bake is...Lemon Lime Baby Cakes with a Lemon Lime Drizzle

    makes 18 mini pound cakes using the mini cheesecake pan
    or 18 mini cakes using a mini muffin tin or 12 cakes using a regular muffin tin

    1 1/2 cups all purpose flour
    1 teaspoon baking powder
    1/4 teaspoon salt
    1/2 cup butter, at room temperature
    1 cup granulated sugar
    2 eggs
    1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice
    2 teaspoons fresh lime juice
    1 tablespoon fresh lemon zest
    1 teaspoon fresh lime zest
    1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
    1/4 teaspoon almond extract
    1/2 cup plain yogurt

    For the drizzle:
    1 1/2 cups confectioners’ sugar
    lemon and lime juice

    Whisk together the flour, baking powder and salt. Set aside. In a mixer, beat the butter and sugar until fluffy. Add eggs one at a time, mixing well between additions. Add lemon and lime juice and zests, vanilla and almond extract and yogurt. Mix just until combined and creamy. Grease the pan of your choice and fill the cups half way. Bake at 350 degrees for 15-17 minutes or baked through and when cooled, transfer to a wire rack. In a small bowl combine the confectioners’ sugar and enough lemon and lime juice to make a nice consistency for the drizzle. Drizzle over the baby cakes and enjoy!

    RobertBowenSmith at hotmail dot com

  27. My favorite baked good is caramel yummy!

  28. just looking at the first photo was enough for me to start salivating... and i said to myself, 'you don't need cupcakes'... and then 'yes, I DO!'

  29. My favorite are cream cheese brownies. The chocolatey-ness is delish!!

  30. What a bountiful giveaway! Among my favorites desserts is an apple pie my Mum makes with caramelized apples, phyllo dough, and lots of whipped cream sprinkled with nuts :)

  31. What a great giveaway! As far as a favorite baked good, I have to admit that I am fickle and love velvet cake amd carrot cake. It is always a tough decision for celebrations. My sweet mother used to make a chocolate cake with butter cream icing [secret recipe] that was incredible...clong24

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  33. ok, trying again. I'm with Ms. Tee on thinking my favorite is home baked bread...either my Sweet Oatmeal bread made with molasses or a sour dough baguette I've just started making recently.

    Great features on your blog, I've just found you.