Monday, May 11, 2009

Big (corn-fed) Employment/Moving News!

I've been keeping a secret for a few weeks that I'm finally ready to share with you.

I am moving to Des Moines, Iowa!

To assume my new position as the Deputy Editor of ReadyMade magazine! (Check out this blog post to see who's who at the mag and get a tour of the facilities!)

For those of you who, like me who has only ever lived in coastal states (and have a little difficulty with Midwestern geography) this is a helpful reminder of exactly where Iowa is located.

And this is the very fancy state capital building that's up on a hill on the East side of the downtown area of the city. It is very helpful for me to know that it's East as I have a very hard time orienting myself when I am there (I am rather directionally challenged in general, so this is more a comment on myself than on the location of the state.)
I realize that you might have a few questions, so I've done a little FAQ section for us all.

Why is ReadyMade published in Des Moines?
Good question. It is there because that's where the company that publishes it is located. (Meredith is also the company behind Better Homes and Gardens and More, among many other terrific magazines.)

Are you really okay with leaving NYC?
I am and have actually been looking for a way to live a less city-centric lifestyle and continue working in magazines (which is a challenge, to be sure). That said, I know it will be hard to be so far from my friends and family so I'm already planning trips home. PLUS, I am moving into a two bedroom duplex, so people can actually come stay with me!

Will you be keeping your blog?
Yes, yes, and YES. I will be continuing along my merry way with Things We Make and working with my new coworkers to figure out what my role will be on the magazine's website.

What are you most going to miss about New York?
Well, first, I'm planning to visit a lot (have I mentioned that already? Sorry, just want to make sure we're on the same page!), but here's what I will miss, in no particular order:
The ornate wood fireplace in my apartment.
Long walks in Central Park in the early morning.
The fact that I live down the street from "Obama Fried Chicken".
The Greek salad and burger at Kefi, the pizza at Otto, the sesame spinach at Haru, the spiked pink lemonade at Ditch Plains and cinnamon raisin bagels from Murray's.
Eating that first meal at a sidewalk table in spring.
My friends.
My family being a train ride away.
My family being able to come for the day (and help me with miscellaneous tasks, including all things electrical).

What are you NOT going to miss?
Hearing my downstairs neighbor's television.
The subway in the summer.
The subway when conductors decide to skip stops because they are "running late".
The subway during rush hour.
The subway when my ipod battery dies.

What are you looking forward to about moving to Des Moines?
Well, for starters I am moving into a duplex with a washer and dryer (that work without quarters!) a full size stove and refrigerator! What else could a girl want?! Actually, I am also really looking forward to meeting new people, starting my new job, going to the weekly farmers market, and trying some of the corn I have heard so much about. Not to mention the state fair, the minor league baseball games, spending lots of time on my new deck and attempting to grow some veggies. Yay!!!

So movers are coming tomorrow (yes, I am tripping over myself in my boxed up apartment at this very moment!), I will be a bit of a nomad for a few days and then Virginia and I are embarking on what we've deemed our "ReadyMade Road Trip" to my new digs. Stay tuned for more info and let me know if you have any other questions!

P.S If you are a Midwestern or know any nice ones you'd like to introduce me to, I am taking all friend referrals since I currently know about 3 people there!


  1. Oh BOY, am I excited for the ReadyMade Road Trip! (And for you in general. Man, this is going to be great!)

    I feel like we need to think up car-friendly DIY projects... or maybe we should collect supplies at every stop to make something to decorate your new home!

  2. Wow!! This move sounds awesome. What a great way to start off fresh with a new move, and a new, awesome job! Good luck with everything. I live in the Midwest and the people are friendly. Congrats!!

  3. I am SO excited for you! Hope everything goes well with you and the move!

  4. >The fact that I live down the street from "Obama Fried Chicken".

    Amazing. Just amazing. Have a wonderful trip, and I hope that your moving-in goes smoothly. See you pretty soon in the great Midwest!

  5. Be safe and have fun moving to Iowa!

  6. Wow! Congrats! I'm in the process for looking for a job too so maybe i'll have some moving news sometime soon (i hope)!

    That's exciting!

  7. Congrats! That is awesome - I heart ReadyMade! If you ever travel up to Mpls stop on by!

  8. CONGRATULATIONS AMY! I wish you the best of luck with the move and the new job --it sounds so exciting!

  9. Wow, Congrats Amy!! Sounds like a great job, and will be an interesting transition from NY to Iowa.

  10. Just came across your blog and had to say hello. I live in Des Moines and love it! Hope you do too. I lived in a tiny apartment in Chicago for a while, so I hear you on having a full sized stove and fridge! And we DO have an amazing state fair. Definitely put it on your calendar - August 13-23!

  11. A on the geography! Cool maps and stuff.

  12. Amy, I'm so excited for you-especially since I live in Des Moines too! Ready Made is a great maazine.

    I hope you'll come see me at the farmer's market sometime or stop by my soap shop-it's about 15 minutes from downtown Des Moines.


  13. Amy! That is so fantastic. Congrats a million times.

  14. I love that so many of your dislikes have to do with the subway, too. Sounds like you'll be on your way to a good place. Your old fireplace sounds beautiful.

  15. Oh my gosh, I'm so excited Jennifer! I had totally forgotten that you live there! I'm going to email you momentarily to exclaim further. And thanks for the state fair dates Emily, calendar is officially marked!!!

  16. Wow, and congrats!

    Having just relocated across the country myself last month I can totally feel your anxiety vibe! I feel dreadful that you'll be without friends out there, that's not cool for anyone, but YAY FULL SIZED KITCHEN! Yay!

  17. Amy, I'm in Kansas City, which isn't too far away. If you come down my way, I'd love to show you around. Martha E. aka - dorothyntototoo

  18. good luck with your move, Amy! And congrats on the job!

  19. Amy, Welcome to Des Moines - you'll find a million friends before you know it. Try the #dmtweetups for a start. I'm a Meredith freelancer who's actually trying to reach you for work junk (the stndrd email doesn't seem to work), but I love this little blog and wanted to add my congrats, as well.

  20. I"m a big dummy - I just realized you posted this Monday - have a safe, safe and fun trip - keep your EZ Pass for the Chicago route - and I'll try you in a week or so.

  21. Howdy! Des Moinesian here. We're all excited about ReadyMade (and its staff) coming to town. My advice? Get involved on Twitter. DSM has a strong community of right friendly folks there, and we host lots of tweetups. I'm @catrocketship.

    The farmer's market is awesome. Other good eats downtown: Gong Fu Tea in the East Village, El Bait Shop, Proof, Lucca...there are a lot of offerings. Anyway. Welcome!

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