Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Homemade Window Panels

Here is one of the first projects that I've done in my new home. Since I'm renting, I (like so many people) am having to make do with some things, like ceiling fans and lighting fixtures that are so not my style. And windows that don't offer much in the way of privacy, particularly in the bathroom. So I figured out a way to use some fabric that I recently treated myself to (I had no plans for it, it was an impulse buy at Purl Patchwork a few weeks ago) to craft some panels. The fabric is light colored enough that it lets the light in, but also offers plenty of coverage.

I am trying to use things I have so that I'm not 1.) spending a ton of money settling in and 2.)I'm not filling the place with new things (it's just been remodeled, so I am very aware of wanting to incorporate more found objects and antiques to balance it out). The panels were quick, easy, not permanently adhered to the window and very rewarding because I get to enjoy my lovely fabric every single day now!

You'll need:
Fusible web, cut to the size of your window pane
Fabric, slightly larger than the size of the window pane
Ribbon or lace, optional
Mod Podge (if using an edging)
Double sided tape

1.) Measure your window pane and cut out a corresponding piece of fusible web.
2.) Iron it onto your fabric, making sure it adheres completely.
3.) Trim the edges off of your panel and make sure it fits onto the window panel. Trim as needed (it should just cover the glass portion).
4.) Embellish with lace or ribbon as desired, using Mod Podge to secure. (I lined the bottom with some vintage lace since my two panels came out a little short.)
5.) Use double sided tape to adhere the panel to the window. (I put a line of tape around the entire edge of the panel.)

I realize that I sort of made this up and I'm sure that at some point, I'll have to replace the tape, but these really made the bathroom feel feminine, comforting and way more like me.


  1. This is SUCH a good idea!
    I'm a renter, too.
    Gonna try it!
    Thanks :)

  2. Great idea. I'll keep that in mind for my next place.

  3. Good luck in your new place Amy! The fabric panel is a great idea ..looks pretty too!