Thursday, May 14, 2009

Roundup: Vintage/Recycled Necklaces

Fox and Clover
Broken Plate Necklace
This is a new necklace from Fox and Clover (you may have seen their work on other blogs- they have necklaces that are similar to this one that have lace inside the glass) that's part of their new "broken plate" line. A new glass plate is made, then then cut into pieces. Each necklace is unique and is made with glass recycled from old picture frames. The patterns are handpainted onto the glass, which is then fired. I was going through my Etsy favorites and took another look at Fox and Clover's shop and was so pleased to find this lovely creation. And it made me decide to look for other vintage or old-made-new necklaces in my favorites folder.

How rad is this! These necklaces are handmade from vintage French 1970s vinyl wallpaper. It's lightweight and while it's certainly a statement, it seems like it would be comfortable—and would be the perfect thing to dress up a pair of jeans and a plain white tee.

I really like the small details on this necklace, especially the slightly sparkly centers of the red flowers on the upper left. The components are vintage and the brass locket holds two tiny pictures (or other treasures!).

Yes, I would like to wear this with the new white and blue sundress I recently bought! It's a fantastic old button that the seller says is either soft metal or coated plastic. It's less than an inch and is amazing!

And finally, from my darling friend Dani over at Oh, Hello Friend, a lovely little vintage carousel charm from the 1950's. She says that it actually spins! I adore that it's so fun and spirited.

So part of the reason I'm attracted to vintage finds today is that I found an old "A" charm necklace that I believe I got in the 4th grade. It has a teensy little diamond looking stud (I am SURE that it's entirely fake) and is upper case and sort of in a script font. I have been wearing it for the past two days and I am loving it. It's amazing to me that something I got about 16 years ago still fits me so perfectly! (I'm going to take a photo to show you just as soon as I can track down my camera's card reader...)

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