Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Instant Heirloom: Jaime Melfi

Today's post features some of the amazing designs by my cousin Jaime. She's a student at Appalachian State in Boone, NC and these are some of her end of year creations. Our Grandmom Mary was a seamstress who worked in a bridal boutique for years and while neither of us was able to learn her skills directly from her, I really think that Jaime has inherited many of her talents. Particularly an eye for detail and knowing just where to use touches of beading and lace. Check out those flowers!! Scroll down to hear a little more from Jaime on her work.

"This is my favorite out of everything I've ever made. It took easily over forty hours. The flowers are all handmade and sew on by hand. I also used a little over two hundred little beads along the ruffles that you may be able to see in some of the close up shots."

"This fabric was really inexpensive, but I did all of the stitching along the back as well which I think helps make it look unique."

"This is a window display of our handmade aprons that my friend Lauren Shaw and I did for a class project."

A close up of one of Jaime's aprons, which I have to say I adore. Plus, I actually own one of the fabrics she used here, which makes me feel like we're totally in sync creatively!

I think this one really shows off Jaime's love for the brand Free People and her own bohemian-chic style. My favorite part is the blue lace detail.

I hope that these projects earn you high grades cousin! I love your use of the blue patterned background and the angles of the photography. And I hope that everyone else enjoyed seeing the work of an upcoming designer who's creating current styles with a nod to the details and traditions of the past.


  1. WOW!!! Jaime, these are completely incredible, so beautiful. i am a size 6 / 8... in case you were curious.

  2. That 1st blouse is really a work of art. I want!

  3. I have a cousin named Jamie too! hehe.....I love the first one but all of them are so creative and lovely!

  4. While the seventh grade girls in my class were packing their bags, I called them over to see the first shirt. I said, "Look, this is my cousin Amy's blog, and my cousin Jaime made this shirt!" One of the girls said, "Aww, that's so pretty!" and the other said, "My cousins went to Appalachian!" This was a very exciting moment for all of us! Well done!

    Jaime, will you outfit my whole bridal party someday?

  5. I can't stop looking at these designs! I keep scrolling through each one instead of studying for finals haha

    They are all so beautiful Jaime, I'm so proud of you! If you have an extra 40 hours in you, I'd love the first outfit, and one of each of the rest if you aren't too tired!

  6. Cogratulations on a wonderfully creative collection! Obviously,the sewing gene skipped a generation! Grandmom would be so excited and proud of your work!
    XO Aunt Andrea

  7. Lovely work - the first one is just breathtaking!

  8. I love the little window display!!