Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Instant Heirloom: Knit Sampler Blanket

Today's post is slightly different from most of the other Instant Heirloom's that I've posted. The maker of the item doesn't have an etsy shop or make part of her living crafting. She just happens to be very talented and enormously generous person who knits in her spare time, and often, gives her creations to other people to enjoy. Like me! Just when I thought I was done being thanked effusively for helping with Virginia's wedding, her mom sent me this amazing knitted blanket! I was absolutely shocked to receive this in the mail and so honored that Marian took the time to make me such a lovely gift.

Here you can see the entire piece, with is made up of unique pieces that show off Marian's amazing skill with knitting needles. She and V were actually the ones to reteach me to knit last summer, though I'm not kidding when I say I would do a row or two in the same time it took Marian to knit an entire hat.

This one, with its woven lattice, is something I've never seen before—and definitely cannot fathom how it's done. I will just remain in awe...

This might be my favorite square (tied with the first image with the pink flower). We know I love trees (which yes, I realize, sounds hokey every single time I say it), and I really enjoy the pink floral embellishments.

And look, my initials! I admit that I didn't even notice this detail for the first two days I had the blanket, but then V mentioned it and I couldn't believe I'd missed it. I must have been distracted by the rest of it.

Another close up of a square for you. All of this is to say that I'm incredibly grateful to have such talented people in my life who keep sending me lovely things. And knowing how I feel getting this type of a present reminds me of why I spend the time on my quilting projects* that I do—because it does really matter when someone takes the time to put a piece of themselves into a gift. Plus, just knowing that she was thinking of me, and sent me this to help me stay warm in the I-keep-hearing-they-are-so-awful Iowa winters makes me very happy.

*Just a note on my quilting since it's been a few weeks since I showed anything on here. Well, I have two projects going on right now: the wall hanging for my mom which I've been showing you, then another super secret project which I haven't since it's, you know, a secret. And that's the one I've been spending my time on. Soon I will share! (Well it might not be that soon, but I
l'll at least show you some progress on the wall hanging soon!)

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  1. What a beautiful gift - and well deserved too :) (And ps - I think that woven lattice is called "entrelac"...something this knitter has yet to try!)