Thursday, August 13, 2009

Virginia and Dan's Wedding: Ceremony and Reception

Here is the happy couple about to walk down the aisle. Yes, they walked down together, which I thought was incredible. It really showed how much they value their partnership and that they are entering their marriage as a team. Plus, so cool that they decided to individualize what is such a traditional aspect of the wedding. Dan wore a suit from J.Crew, with custom Vans, and Virginia wore a knee length dress from Morgan Le Fay. The dress originally had sheer sleeves, but she decided (and we all agreed) that they were a little unnecessary and that the dress looked much cleaner without them.

The colors of the wedding were purples, with highlights of fuschia, and green and I love how the gray of Dan's suit worked in that palette.
The bouquet that V carried was designed by Anita Soos and it's wrapped in a vintage handkerchief. That added a bit of color, gave V something soft to hold onto and also fit in with another aspect of the wedding—all of the thank you cards that she and Dan gave the wedding party were made with similar handkerchiefs.

And here is "Team VA", as we were known. We all got to choose our own dresses, as long as we stayed within the color scheme. It was so much fun to get to shop around for something that fit us all individually, but that also worked for the style of the wedding. Amazingly, everyone but me wound up in purple!

I don't have too many photos of the food from the wedding (we were too busy eating it!) but it was amazing. It came from La Cuisine in Branford, CT and most of it was local and sustainably raised. Not to mention beautifully presented.
Dan and Virginia also were totally original when it came to dessert. They opted to have ice cream from local favorite Ashley's instead of cake (they just like ice cream better!). So there was mint chocolate chip, black raspberry (V's mom loves this flavor) and coffee chip. Everyone got a trip with a mini cone and hot fudge sauce. Additional toppings were on the table served in parfait glasses. And miniature desserts (like brownies and cookies) were on cake stands just to round out the offerings.
Here you can see some of the stands, which again were all vintage. They added a nice depth to the table setting and are now happily being used by many of us (I managed to wind up with five!). I hope you all enjoyed the extended look at the wedding. After helping my friends put it together for nearly a year, I'm thrilled that it was as much fun (and gorgeous) as everyone hoped!

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  1. I love seeing how people theme their weddings. This one is just too cute and vintage!