Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Central Park Flower Cards by Sloe Gin Fizz

I got some extremely wonderful gifts over the holidays that I am just now starting to use and enjoy. I finally got a Silpat and pie weights, which have found a welcome home in my kitchen. I received a pair of delightful earrings by Sofia Masri (which I have been pining over for what feels like years- happy girl am I!), some wonderful books, and these tags and cards by Nicole of Sloe Gin Fizz. I saw her work at Renegade over the summer, but I'm even more excited about the products now that some of them are mine to use.
I'm actually thinking of using the tags in some sort of creative way as decor in my guest room/sewing room, so we'll see what happens with that nugget, but I'm eager to start sharing these cards with my long distance friends. They are of flowers from Central Park in NYC, where I spent hours walking each week when I lived there, so I love that they help unite my past and my present/future. Nicole's etsy shop is filled with many wonderful illustrated prints, so do check them out if you're in need of a little visual inspiration.


  1. oh wow! those are beautiful! they have that nice 1930's catalog feel, without being chintzy!

  2. So glad you like them, Amy! Can't wait to see what you do with the tags.

  3. These are LOVELY! You have very lucky friends indeed! I would have a hard time writing on these!