Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Few Things to Do in 2010

Since I enjoyed having a written reminder of my goals last year, I've decided to do it again. Nothing too lofty or serious, just things I know make me happy and I want to make sure to make happen. Here are a few things I'll be trying to make happen in 2010. Notebook and image above via Oh Joy!

1. Go backpacking at least once.
2. Spend one weekend a month offline.
3. Spend more time with my Des Moines friends.
4. Start a quilting project for myself.*
5. Read my camera’s manual so I actually know how to use it.
6. Camp in the Loess Hills.
7. Read at least one book each month.
8. Teach quilting classes and learn how to be an effective communicator in that setting.
9. Cook more in advance so I can eat delicious, thoughtful meals everyday. (I made a breakfast porridge of bulgur, millet and steel cut oats, with cinnamon, vanilla, coconut, dried peaches and cranberries for breakfast this week and it's been a total treat!)
10. Make pasta for friends in Des Moines.
11. Send one homemade card per month.
12. Get a library card.
13. Find ways to be as active as possible without triggering back pain.
14. When I do have back pain—which happens sporadically due to my three herniated discs:(— be patient and gentle.
15. Profile one woman each month on the blog who’s reinterpreting a classic crafting technique in Instant Heirloom posts.
16. Make kolaches.
17. Live in a house surrounded by more trees (my lease is up in late spring) and with a yard to grow some vegetables and herbs.
18. Make better coffee.
19. Find more inspiration in the details.**
20. Buy one postcard a month from an independent artist.***

*This is a holdover from last year. I have one more large project in the works and after that, I’m going to focus on something for myself.
**I’m not exactly sure what form this will take, but I’ll definitely be exploring this idea through my regular Friday Inspired Image series.
***I did this last year with prints and it has filled my house with so much visual joy. Partly due to wall space and partly due to cost, I’m going to stick with small prints this year and hang them all together in my guest room/sewing room.


  1. oh man. when you wrote "guest room/sewing room" i got a little choked up.
    my list consists of
    1) visit friends in Des Moines...

  2. And just imagine all of the sewing you can do in that room when you come to stay with me! It'll be quite the perfect room for you KNB :)

  3. Kolaches are a fun baking project. I make them with apricot and pecan fillings and even though my recipe turns out a good four dozen, they never last long!

  4. What a delightful list! Please let me know when you plan to undertake #6. I love camping and don't do nearly enough of it. One of my resolutions is to see more of the lovely Amy P. in 2010! Cheers, friend!

  5. This list is so inspiring! What a happy year you are going to have :). I should definitely do numbers 2 and 5 myself. Numbers 4, 7, 9 and 20 sound especially appealing as well. Thanks for sharing!