Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Patchwork Pillow Cover, Update #2: A Dilemma

So I finished the first pillow over the weekend and I'm not thrilled with it. I didn't have enough of my fabric to make the entire front (since I lost a bit for all of the seam allowances and didn't check measurements before I started- that's what I get for working without a pattern!) so I had to put in a border. I used some duponi silk that I'd gotten at a prop sale since I thought it was pretty, but now I just don't know. (Though I will say I like it much better in context there on my couch than I do when it's just lying on my floor.)

I started on the second pillow cover and took some shots along the way so when I finish I'll put the whole thing together as a real tutorial.

Until then, here is where I need your help to decide what to do next. Do you think I should:
1.) Finish the second one like the first one because you like the way it looks.
2.) Go to a fabric store and buy some less contrasting fabric—or something equally contrasting but more coordinating—and use it for the border and redo the first one (I'm not opposed to taking it apart. I like my seam ripper.)

I may not have told you that I'm notoriously indecisive so please (and thank you!) vote and help me decide!


  1. Finish the second one like the first one! It is beautiful. I love making pillows because anything goes. I've had The Little Mermaid pillows that my mom made when I was 12 on my couch for YEARS!

  2. I think it's lovely! What am I missing? In the picture it looks like it DOES coordinate... a frame, but not an overpowering one.

    BUT, since you aren't thrilled with it, I say... Don't take it apart. I'll send you my address! :)

  3. I say make the second one different, leave the first one the way it is. I love it. The second one should be different. nothing should match anywhere! xo

  4. You know what's funny, yesterday I was totally convinced that I was going to take it apart- when I was still looking at it in my sewing room it just didn't look right. Today, now that it's downstairs on the couch, it looks like it belongs. I guess my main concern was that the border was too much- so it's good to hear the feedback!

  5. I really like the way the white border picks up the white in the pattern, so I'd keep this one the way it is! But make the second one a little different — I agree with Patti that they shouldn't be a perfect match.

  6. i think it looks great the way it is, but i agree that you should make the second one however you want, not necessarily like this one! also, as merrilymarylee said, if you really don't like it then I would be glad to take it off your hands.

  7. I would take some fabric paint and smoosh it around on the white border, and do the same for the other pillow.