Monday, January 11, 2010

Quick Craft: Fabric Rosette Cards

As I'm working away on a big quilting project, I need, on occasion, something smaller—a project that gives me almost immediate results. Since I needed two birthday cards, I decided to whip up some using the blank cards I received for Christmas. Here was my process:
1. Pull out one of the bins where I store fabric scraps.
2. Dig around until I found pieces that I felt like using, which in this case was a bit of the Liberty fabric that I used to make these window panels.
3. The pieces were in long strips and for some reason they had been stitched (I can't remember why), so I trimmed them with pinking shears, and used Mod Podge to adhere each strip to the upper third of the card.
4. Not satisfied that the strip was special enough, I used other thin strips to make rosettes (you can see the technique here).
5. I stitched on the flowers, admired my work and that concluded my quick crafting session.

Making both of these took about 10 minutes total, and given that I'm very pleased by the results, I'd say this was a successful craft.


  1. I love rosettes! I'm constantly amazed at how they look cute on anything, from a skirt to a headband to cards! So pretty.

  2. Love! So of course I have to feature. xo

  3. Great idea! Would love to see the finished quilt as well.

  4. Love these...I followed the link from Mod Podge Rocks!! Great site!