Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekend Project: Homemade Baby Shower Card

Happy Monday! The weather here in the city was miraculous this weekend. Saturday was like a day straight out of summer, which was lovely considering that spring's been a little reluctant to join us lately. Sunday I took a trip down to South Jersey to attend a baby shower for one of my good friends from grade school. It was so fun to see Tracy pregnant and to catch up with a few of our other friends—two of whom had also brought their kids which made the day even more exciting.

I decided to make a card because I'd been wanting to try combining fabric and a paper card using spray adhesive. I wasn't sure how it would go, but as you can see here the end result is pretty sweet. I used the new pinking shears I received from the Easter Bunny to trim up two pieces of fabric (leftover from Virginia's quilt!). Then starting with the larger piece, I sprayed the back of it with adhesive and applied it to the center of the card. I repeated with the smaller piece and allowed them to dry. I considered sewing a border but I decided to leave it plain and adorn the center with a vintage lace pin I'd made using this tutorial from Martha Stewart (I did it by hand, but the steps are essentially the same). I figured that with all of the presents Tracy was going to open for the new little one, she should have something just for her!

I didn't have an envelope so I wrapped the card in another fabric scrap and tied it with a pretty length of ribbon. I love that this was so simple to make but it really gave a personal touch to the rest of the gift my mom and I put together for the new mom (and dad) to be.

And, I can't leave you today without sharing my new business cards!!! I have never had my own calling cards and I decided that I need to have them to give out whenever meet someone who I'd like to introduce to my blog. They are in my favorite color combination of pink and gray from the very talented Michelle Brusegaard (remember her inspired image a few weeks back?). She was a joy to work with and I can't wait to start handing these out! (Sorry for the poor quality of this picture...I was having a little trouble with my camera yesterday.)


  1. I love them, Amy. It sets a tone for such a beautiful shower.

  2. I love those business cards. Simple yet effective.

  3. reat idea! I'd love to get business cards made. My blog name is so hard to remember that it would be easier just handing a card out when someone asks me about it.