Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Giveaway: Spring treats from King Arthur Flour!

Back-to-back giveaways...I know, too good to be true. But it is! And today's is another great one from my friends at King Arthur Flour. Elizabeth's comment yesterday asked if I'd ever been to their headquarters up in VT where they have a bakeshop (oh, a girl can dream!) and I haven't but I am a big fan of their products. Particularly their dough whisk, which I can attest will transform the way you think about making homemade bread.
Anyway, I love their mission, trust their brand, and have only ever had terrific experiences with the people who work for the company (especially Allison!). They are generously offering a giveaway that includes three of my favorite products of theirs for spring including...

The Honey Lemon Cake Mix (pictured above)

The Beehive Cake Pan (what it makes is above, the actual pan is below)

To enter, post a comment by 11:59 EST Monday May 4th (with a user name) about your favorite weekend food ritual—past, present or future. Mine is making myself a latte with my stove top espresso maker and my Nespresso milk frother (which may seem expensive, but the results are amazing!!) and reading a totally absorbing book in bed like Come Sunday, by Isla Morley. I can imagine that adding a piece of this cake into the mix would take my ritual to a whole new level!

**You are more than welcome to enter as many giveaways as I post, so if you entered yesterday's, make sure you enter today's as well!


  1. Our favorite weekend ritual is making ableskivers (a traditional danish round pancake ball) and spending time as a family! Thanks for letting me enter this AWESOME giveaway!

    CherryBlossomsDesign at hotmail dot com

  2. I'm not going to enter for this giveaway, but thank you for your graciousness!

    I did want to say though... if you're ever in the area, be sure to check it out! They even teach baking classes :D But it's just so much fun to wander around the shop drooling over all their products!

  3. I just stumbled onto your blog for the first time from Twig and Thistle and I absolutely love the beehive cake pan! My favorite weekend food ritual is making my grandmother's pancakes and eating them on the porch with homemade buttermilk syrup. Yummy!

  4. The best Farmers' Market is 50 miles away and we try and go there every Saturday. I love to buy a cup of coffee and wander around seeing who has what. With my second cup of coffee, I buy a muffin or cupcake, sit at a table and people watch.
    In the winter, I fix a huge breakfast on Saturday - thick sliced pepper bacon, baked eggs, cat head biscuits, hot 'lasses and strong coffee. Thus fortified, I go to the barn to do chores.

  5. Our weekend food ritual is fondue. We gather everyone together for good food and good fun. Everything is so hands on and so interactive you can't help but have fun. We always have 2 courses but sometimes splurge with a third dessert course!

  6. If the weather is nice, my favorite weekend ritual is to take a relaxing bike ride on my Beach Cruiser and pack a picnic basket along! My picnics usually include cold but flavorful foods such as: Curry Chicken salad sandwiches and tabbouleh. Berry lemonade is great for the drinks, too!
    Thanks for another giveaway :)
    caitlinhyla at gmail dot com

  7. Oh my gosh! I've wanted a bee skip cakepan ever since I saw Martha Stewart make one in the early, early nineties, when I was still living with my mom and dreaming of how amazing my home would be, once I had one of my own.

    Anyway, my favorite weekend food ritual has recently changed. When I was living in Arizona we went every Sunday morning to have pancakes with the family of my daughter's godfather. It was an open door policy, and you never knew who you were going to see there! Since we moved back to New York I've attempted to uphold the tradition with my family here in New York, because my daughter was going to sleep every night asking of tomorrow was going to be pancakes day. Instead of pancakes, though, it's waffles, and now I'm the one cooking. =)

  8. Oh my gosh, this is so cute, I can't NOT enter again! My favorite weekend food ritual is going out to breakfast (preferably bacon, egg & cheese on a croissant plus iced coffee!) followed by a trip to the farmer's market.

    Which of course means, I have to put in a plug: held on the Beacon docks, right on the Hudson River, a beautiful spot! With great vendors, including a fabulous local honey maker, Honey Locust Farmhouse. Worth a visit if you're weekend-ing in the Hudson Valley this summer!

  9. Wow! This giveaway is fantastic! I love honeybees (and I am following the impact of CCD very closely).

    I would say that my favorite weekend food ritual is from the present. I love making brunch for my family and friends~the more the merrier and we always include the kids. I usually make french toast or omlettes using the fresh Italian herbs I grow in my window. We turn up the Music Choice channel and linger around the table.

    Thanks again for such generous offerings, Amy : )

  10. I like to walk downtown to our coffee shop, buy a mocha, a raspberry muffin, and the paper, and sit, read, eat, and watch the rest of the town wake up. :)

  11. My sister would love these! She loves to make all sorts of cakes, though I know she'd agree on the best weekend food thing in our family:
    my grandpa or my dad making blueberry pancakes.
    Thanks Amy!

  12. I am Katie's sister from makingthishome and YES, I LOVE THESE!!!!!! I am a cake decorating instructor and I love anything that has to do with cake! The beehive would make a really great cake and the sugar bees are so cute!
    I would have to agree with Katie, the best weekend food would have to be blueberry pancakes make by my dad or grandpa. Thank you Amy!

  13. My husband makes waffles every Saturday morning. The girls have theirs with whipped cream and chocolate chps and I put lingonberries on mine.

    The kind of cute part is that our waffle maker makes three little heart waffles. Our girls love them!

  14. I have never heard of the company but their products look great. That cake looks amazing.

    Our weekend ritual is basically spending time as a family together. Sundays we go to church and then back home for a good Sunday dinner and Nascar Racing in the afternoon.
    Of course my personal ritual of indulgence is my morning coffee with Bailey's Irish Cream Liquer.

  15. I love King Arthur products...spent sometime browsing the catalog yesterday mornign and had to bake something....St. Louis Goody Cake..yum!
    Anyway...i realllllllly like the Wisconsin mixing bowls in the catalog and have ask the hubby to get them for me for Mother's Day...we'll see how that goes..on to the drawing...would love to have the cake pan!

  16. My weekend food ritual always includes a loaf of quick bread for a Sunday morning breakfast. My boys always look forward for this special treat before church.


  17. Thanks for the lovely comments. Best of luck in the giveaway!

  18. May Canadians enter?

    My favourite weekend food ritual is actually not really mine but is my aunt's (I don't seem to have any that are different for the weekend). She makes waffles every Sunday morning, and when I visit Saskatchewan I always try to be at her place on a Sunday.

  19. that is the coolest cake i've ever seen!!!! i loooooooove it!!

  20. When my Dad was alive, we'd go out to breakfast every Saturday morning--eggs, sausage and pancakes. He's been gone 2 years, now, and I miss those Saturday mornings. I, too, like King Arthur products and this bee cake is just adorable.

  21. Our weekend ritual is going out to breakfast. It's nice to have someone else do the work sometimes!

    love,love,love this pan. Thanks for such wonderful giveaways!