Monday, April 27, 2009

Field Trip: NY Botanical Garden

As you can tell, I did make it to the New York Botanical Garden up in the Bronx this weekend, which was pretty glorious. I loved the novelty of getting off of the subway in a neighborhood I'd never been to and then walking into an expanse of green grass, flowering trees and rows and rows of flowers.
Plus, everyone there seemed pretty cheerful given the sudden burst of summer-like weather. I even saw three little kids, in totally separate instances, chasing their shadows. It was completely adorable.

I believe this white flower is a heliobore, though I am not even going to pretend to know my flowers! It's certainly pretty, no?

This was a view down one of the walkways and gives you a pretty good idea of what the main part of the garden looks like.

I seemed to have missed the signs that could have told me what kind of tree this was...

Oh, this was the pathway into the native forest. The Bronx River also ran through it, which was a nice touch.

Some lovely burnt orange tulips in the plots in front of the conservatory. So this is how I spent much of my Saturday. What about you? I'd love to hear how you spent your weekend, particularly if it involved being outside in nature—or doing something new.

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  1. We spent Sunday moving my blueberry bushes, which we planted last year and (I) decided were in an inconvenient location. We did about 12 and have 20 or so more to go! I LOVE my husband-my digger, of course!

  2. This botanical garden is really beautiful and wonderful..