Thursday, April 30, 2009

Upcycled Handmade Cards

Today is my best friend Virginia's 28th birthday and I figured that while I am surely going to both email her and call her with best bday wished, I might as well give her a special shout out right here. So Happy Birthday V!! Above is the card that I sent her, made with strips of the fabric that I used in a quilt I gave her and her fiance Dan. I used spray adhesive to secure them to a plain baby blue card and then used glittery letter stickers leftover from an Easter egg dying kit. V is a freelance writer and she was recently referred to as a "green goddess" which means that she is the go-to girl for all things eco, particularly when it comes to the beauty industry. I thought that making her an upcycled card was exactly the thing to do.

And this is a little gift that I sent along with her card. I recently cleaned out my closet and I had this little shrug that had gone totally out of style (and honestly was just not that flattering), so I took off the edges and made this three layer fabric flower pin, again modeled on the technique I saw here (though again, I did it by hand). As I mentioned, I did three layers of the flower and it turned out a little bit off center, but I sort of like that it's doing it's own thing.

And just to share something from Virginia so you can see just how crafty she is, above is a card that she recently made for me. The letters for my name are cut out from The Nation and the strip of buttons was the holiday wrapping from Anthropologie. It's all glued to a slightly shimmery card and is just so darling. I love this craft swap thing we are currently doing with leftovers!

So V, I hope you have a fantastic day and that you get a nice big piece of chocolate cake!

And for everyone else, keep the comments coming for the giveaways- I just love hearing about our favorite spring foods and weekend food rituals. I also want to take a moment to thank you all for being here with me and for participating in the blog. It's really made my little world a better place!


  1. These are great! Thanks for the ideas and for sharing.

    And Happy Birthday, V!

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    I can attest that both the card and the flower pin ARE EVEN MORE AMAZING IN PERSON!!!