Friday, April 24, 2009

Inspired Image: Erica of PS- I Made This

Hello, my name is
Erica Domesek.

You can find me at and follow me

This image comes from the leftover champagne corks from my friends baby shower.

It inspires me because cork is such a fantastic material. It’s light, has great texture and coloring. Great material for spring!

I particularly love that there were ANCHORS on the champagne corks. I’m really into ALL things nautical.

It makes me feel creative when I can use everyday objects and invent, design, and create a new use or style!

The 3 words it conjures up are unexpected, chic, dramatic.


Also check out Erica’s fantastic Craft Club webisodes for Alloy’s TV. The latest one is on “channeling your inner flower child with a chic headpiece”. I’m a little in awe on all accounts with today’s post. Such great crafting ideas and excellent branding design, right? So happy that I could introduce you to Erica’s site. Oh, and here's another of her cork projects, the Cork-tastic necklace, just for fun (and because it's amazing!).

Okay, I need to be a little NYC-centric for the moment: It’s forecast to be 85 degrees and sunny tomorrow and Sunday. I’m not sure if I have always been this antsy about warmer weather getting here, but I definitely have spring fever this year. And to celebrate the weather, I’m considering a trip to the Botanic Garden…or Ooh, maybe the Cloisters. I will let you know where I end up Monday! Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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