Friday, April 3, 2009

Inspired Image: Oh, Hello Friend

Hello, my name is Danni

You can find me at +

This image comes from plates found in thrift shops from Missouri.

It inspires me because I feel like there is so much amazing design in such simple things like plates found at a thrift shop.

I love that these beautiful objects were such great finds for under $3!

I particularly love the blue plate in the center and the vintage white doily dish on the right ;)

It makes me feel luminous.

The 3 words it conjures up are bright, soft, warm.

I love Danni's image choice here, and that it's an image she took herself. If you aren't familiar with her work, definitely check out her blog (I particularly enjoy her "link love" posts). Below are a few highlights from her etsy shop, which is filled with completely lovely accessories that also happen to be budget-friendly!


  1. all of these images are so lovely to look at, amy. thanks for posting them!

  2. I have enjoyed her blog for a few weeks now and love her creativity! Thanks for the post!