Thursday, April 23, 2009

Q & A: Stephanie of Sweet Margarita

I am happy to introduce Stephanie, a new-to Etsy jewelry maker (her shop is called Sweet Margarita) who makes some very cool mixed media pendants. As someone who believes in the power of positive adornment—wow, that came out before I could catch myself. By that I mean that I really believe that what we wear and how we accessorize can influence our mood. About two months ago, I bought myself my first "real" piece of jewelry from one of my favorite designers, Sherry of Pequitobun to celebrate a personal milestone. And not only do I just adore the actual necklace, but wearing it has a real emotional significance—which makes it a pleasure to wear.
Anyway, back to Stephanie. I like that she has created pieces that might give the wearer a push in the right's easier to be a rock star if you read the words on a chain around your neck, right?! I think so. Okay, I'll stop talking now and let you hear from Stephanie.

Where do you live?

Troy, MI

Is this your full-time job or simply something that fulfills your creative side?
Making jewelry is my full-time job.

How did you get started making your pendants?
I've been designing jewelry for about 10 years now. I made a resin/epoxy ring for last year for my sister's birthday gift and the whole process intrigued me. I knew I wanted to explore it even more.

Tell me a little about the process involved in making one.
Each pendant is actually a collaged piece of artwork. First, I decide what "sentiment" I want to use for the piece. Next, I sit down with all of my colorful papers, scissors, paint, stamps, and get started. All of my pieces start out with a drawn circle base, then I begin cutting and layering paper. Last I add in details with paint and stamps.

What's your favorite part of creating your jewelry?
The ultimate satisfaction in holding something in my hands that I created. It never gets old :)

Where do you find your inspiration?
In addition to making jewelry, I also paint...I have a true love for all things colorful (my husband even has to deal with sheer orange curtains in our living room). So, I'd have to say that color has a lot of influence in my thought process.

What's the best part of your day?
Spending time with my daughter, Savannah.

Tell me one thing that you cannot live without.
Just one? That's would have to be my family. I think they might be mad at me if my first thought ((caffeine)) beat them out.


  1. Wow. Her Jewelry is gorgeous!
    Amy- I also wanted to thank you for the wonderful Williams Sonoma giveaway! I got all of my items and they are gorgeous! Thank you SOOOOOO much!

  2. That jewelry is so cool! I'll definately check out her shop!

  3. Great jewelry! I have to go check it out now...great name for the shop too - now I want a margarita! and some tortilla chips...salsa too...

  4. You're very welcome Kiley! I hope you enjoy making and eating the cupcakes!!