Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Prettiest Infinity Scarves

I've been a little slow to jump on the infinity scarf bandwagon mostly because it seemed like I didn't even know about them, then all of a sudden I was given three in a loops-of-fabric deluge. But then over the holidays, I saw my sweet cousin Jaime and she was wearing one that I absolutely loved. Turns out, she made it herself and is making them as part of her new gig at Adorn in Philly, where she works with the very talented jewelery designer Sarah Lewis.

You might remember my mentioning Jaime when she did a big fashion project last year at school, but if not, keep in mind that she just graduated from college...

and I think she might have more creative energy than I've had in the past 5 years, which is a lot!

But that's a big part of why I love her and why I'm so excited to see what else she starts making in the coming months. Though for the time being I'm just going to keep looking at these images because the combination of textures and colors makes me very happy (plus I love the snowy background).

These scarves have all sold, but if you're interested in purchasing one or having one made, you can email Jaime at Adorn.

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  1. These are totally beautiful. I love the fabric combos!!!