Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Earrings by Tarandip of The Dimpled

I am loving these earrings simply based on how they look, but I'm sharing them with you because of the story behind them. They are made by Tarandip of The Dimpled who is a 19-year old student in Singapore. She started making jewelry as a hobby back when she was 15 because she and her mom love wearing them (and they have many pairs).
Due to their shared love, she decided to try her hand at making them, not as a full time job just yet, but if she has her way, that's where she's heading.
Here's what Tarandip has to say about where she finds her inspiration:
My inspirations mainly come from my mom. I'm Punjabi (Sikh), so in my designs I try to incorporate some Indian feel, though at time I still make modern pieces. Basically my ideas come from everyone— the people, the things i see on the road, etc. Once I get an idea, I make note of it and proceed to find the materials I need. In Singapore, it is pretty hard to find unique items
as there are limited bead stores here, so I spend like hours in my favorite bead store just looking for the perfect beads/charms that fit my idea.

Her enthusiastic response to my email was totally infectious so I hope you enjoy the look at her work today. You can see the rest of her amazingly inexpensive earrings and a few necklaces in her shop.

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