Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Flocking to Felt

This week has been divinely sunny, and yet a little chilly. Which makes me think that sharing these upcycled and felted owls and birds is the perfect thing to do this week—it's like spring wrapped up in a warm wool sweater! These little guys are made by formydarling in Finland, and I love that you can get a sense of her country in her work. Here's a little bit from her on her creations (which also include upcycled bags):
"I have done handcraft ever since I was a teenager. I have worked with various materials, but during the years my affection was always the same; working with hands is a meaningful process, which not only gives a lots of positive energy but also harmonizes the entire person. To see, how something,which you only had in your mind gets it´s existence by your own hands, is very touching."
"I grew up in farmer family. My parents never had much money, so the only way to get something trendy to wear, was to do it myself. I remember how I at the age of fourteen made a new sweater out of a home-knitted pullover by cutting off the collar and sewing a zip in front. I was so proud of my achievement. The pleasure I got made me an addict at once."
 I can imagine these little guys hanging out on a shelf, or being made into a mobile to grace a baby's room (or um, my office!).

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