Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekend Highlights: Lilacs, Strawberries, Sewing and Sweets

 This weekend was rather delightful, with both days filled with sunshine and warm temperatures in the mid-70s. Nothing all that remarkable happened in these parts, which, with less than two months to the wedding, felt like the most remarkable thing of all. Here are some of the highlights, starting with one of our two lilac bushes which I like to go stand near (especially when it's windy) just so that I can inhale the sweet scent. 

 Our new strawberry plant started blooming, which makes me giddy with anticipation of the berries that will follow. This is the first year we've planted fruit (we also now have a rhubarb plant that we were lucky enough to get from a colleague who had grown tired of it) and I hope to expand with a few raspberry plants and blueberries.

 I spend a few hours quilting on the porch and finished these two projects.
 There was a Sunday breakfast of wild blueberry cocoa pancakes (gluten free even, based on this recipe) topped with wild blueberry sauce...
 And Vegan Date-Sweetened Coconut Ice Cream that I felt obligated to top with chocolate sauce. I love the flavor of the ice cream, and the consistency provided that you let it thaw for about 20 minutes before trying to scoop it out since it freezes really hard. (I also used light coconut ice cream in place of the full fat since I learned I prefer my coconut ice cream that way last summer.) It was the perfect ending to a rather lovely weekend.


  1. Looks like a lovely weekend. Lilacs and strawberries and quilting, oh my!

  2. You really know how to eat and live!!! I never fail to be inspired when I visit your blog!