Friday, May 27, 2011

In Leiu of Engagement Photos...


It never really occurred to me to have engagement photos taken even though I certainly understand the appeal of having nice non-wedding clothing pictures of ourselves. Luckily, we are included in a story on new homeowners in the very new issue of ReadyMade, which meant that we sort of wound up with some engagement photos anyway! (Nice job perk, right?)

Each of the 7 homeowners in the story has a house project featured (ours is the new flooring that you can see in the stairway) and even though I work for the magazine, and have worked on stories like these for years and years, it was an entirely different experience to be in front of the camera. The photographer, John Frances Peters, made it really easy to relax and I think we did pretty well despite it being our first time. I figure that it was good practice for the wedding, and it's a cool way for family and friend who are coming to the wedding in about a month (!) to get a little preview of our house.

To read the story and to see more pictures of our place, click here. And while you're over there, take a look at the homes of my good friends Virginia and Bethany, who are also included in the story.