Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Subtly Stunning Jewelry from Jen of Aubepine

 Yesterday when I was catching up on my blog reading, I saw Sherry's post on YHL about the earrings she was given for Mother's Day. Instantly, I clicked through to the etsy shop since the style of her earrings was so what I've been looking for to wear to the wedding. (I had looked on etsy, but it can be a little exhausting to page through the seemingly thousands of options.) And oh my, the prettiness that is the Aubepine shop!

Jen, who is based in Los Angeles, has a style that is very feminine, just enough sparkle, and standing right on the line between intricate and subtle—all of which will go just perfectly with my dress.
 So I've ordered one pair that was in the shop and have requested that Jen make me a pair very similar to ones that she had for sale, but with a different color stone. It sounds like I found the shop just in time to have them made and sent here in time for the big day, to which I say hooray! I'll show you the three options (I believe that I'll wind up wearing two, one at both of our events) when I have them all so that you can help me choose which to wear for the ceremony!


  1. Wow, those pink ones on the bottom are amazing!

  2. ooh, very nice! i really love the second ones - anything in a seafoam/mint color gets me so excited! love it.
    <3 kim
    floral printed heart

  3. Gorgeous jewelry. What amazing quality!

  4. Oh, these are sooo beautiful! I love those tealy/greeny ones. Must get myself a pair - thanks for showcasing them. Maybe I'll wear them at my wedding!