Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Instant Heirloom: Valerie Galloway

I adore Valerie Galloway's work, plain and simple. A friend of mine gave me one of her mirrors last year and I somehow entirely forgot to blog about her until today. It's time! She is a photographer and painter living in Tucson, Arizona with her partner and son. She relocated there from NYC, but was born in France and tries to spend much of her summers there.
As you can see, those places give her a rich source of inspiration for her work. She makes original pieces that vary in size, from small mirrors to larger wall hangings, that are toned photographs encased in glass and edged in metal.

I love the romantic nature of the images that she works with and that she's found a way to turn a photograph, all of which would be lovely on their own, into serious works of art.

This one is my favorite, from inside Central Park looking out, which is a perfect place to be on an early June day. Check out Valerie's other shop, Gambettagirl, for some of her original paintings.