Monday, June 15, 2009

June Print of the Month

For the first time since I started my monthly print purchase, I bought this one in person! (I sincerely apologize that the magical nature of this screen print totally does not come across in my bad photo!) I visited my new friends Arin and Karen in their paper and gift shop, Ephemera, just a few blocks away from where I'm living, on Saturday. Arin gave me a little tour of their workspace, which includes some really awesome craft gadgets, and also a stack of these prints. I immediately nearly dove for this purple one since it's in the same color family as my bed linens and I knew that it would be great on one of the blank walls in there. They hadn't had time to package the prints yet, but they were nice enough to sell me one—I think they realized I wasn't going to leave without it!
This is the first screen printed piece I've ever purchased and it makes me so incredibly happy. I can't wait to get it framed and stare at it whenever I'm in my bedroom!

I have a lot to say about these ladies and their many talents, but I'm going to save that for a dedicated post to give them plenty of space to talk and show off their creations.


  1. What a great prescription....a print a month! Thank you for a being a patron of the arts!

  2. Love the print! And I love the girls at Ephemera. I'm going to have to check out these new prints!

  3. I love this print! And the colors are great together.

    You're also one of the winners from my giveaway so please email me your mailing address so that i can get your package together and out! Thanks and congrats!