Monday, June 1, 2009

Mom's Quilt Update #4

My first weekend on my own in Des Moines was a success! I caught up on sleep (yay!) and started meeting people. I went to Market Day, a craft fair of sorts, Ephemera Stationary Studio and met the delightful (and friendly!) owners, and went to yoga in a community garden last night. You might not be able to tell from what I say here, but I am on the shy side and so I've decided that since I don't know many people here, I need to put myself in social situations when I can to make sure that I don't feel too isolated. (I've been so upbeat about the whole uprooting my life business that I had a bit of a delayed reaction that I am now, in reality, very far away from my friends. Which as you can imagine, is going to take some getting used to.) Plus honestly, by Sunday afternoon, after I'd been sewing and reading the paper for most of the day, I needed to interact with real people. And the yoga under a huge tree in the sprinkling rain was just the ticket.

Back to the sewing. As you can see above I'm making excellent progree on the wall hanging for my mom. Two more rows and the top will be all done! I actually used my machine to sew this because, get this, I now have space to leave it set up on a table. Amazing!

I bought some rhubarb at the farmers market determined to try to cook it for the first time. I kept things simple and made a compote with just the addition of sugar (essentially you make it like apple sauce- simmer it in water with sugar until the water evaporates and the rhubarb is soft).
This is the finished product, which I realize isn't the most beautiful food shot ever, but it's really good. I'm going to eat it with some local vanilla yogurt for breakfast the next few days.

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  1. The quilt looks beautiful! Can't wait to see it!
    XO Mom