Monday, June 22, 2009

Mom's Quilt Update #5

Big quilting progress! I finished the top of my mom's wall hanging and have it basted and ready to quilt! This is my very favorite point during the process of quilting because I vastly prefer quilting to piecing. Plus, this is the first time I've done a smaller quilting project and I'm just amazed at how fast this is coming together. Usually, my full size quilts take me anywhere from a year to two years, and I believe I started this around Easter.

There's a close up for you so you can see the backing fabric. I basted this with batting in the middle of the two fabric layers and will begin quilting this week. I'm back on the East coast for the week, working in NYC for a few days, then heading up to CT to help with final preparations for Virginia's wedding next weekend. It's going to be my first time back to the city since moving to Des Moines and to be honest, I'm a little nervous, but the fact that I get to see my friends-and finally enjoy V's big day-is totally reassuring!


  1. this is really pretty! I love piecing but never have tried quilting because I'm scared to death I'll mess it up!

  2. Thank you! You know, the best thing I've learned about quilting is that messing up is okay. I realized last night that some of my pieces wound up not being the same size, even though I'd traced and cut them out using the same template. But I think the end product always looks pretty and has a pleasant handmade look- so no one seems to care that it might be imperfect!