Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Best Bridesmaid Gift (Ever): Custom Embroidery

I am beyond thrilled to share this with you today—it's the gift that Virginia gave me for helping her with her wedding planning (which I will tell you I enjoyed so much, being involved was essentially a gift in itself!). That said, I am floored by this. 

The style of this might look familiar if you've been reading for a while—do you remember the Instant Heirloom profile I did on Karen Ruane of Contemporary Embroidery? Well if not, a quick recap is to say that I am smitten with her work. I love the style, her detailed stitching and that it's feminine, pretty and feels connected to a tradition of embroidery. 

So Virginia, who gave each of her wedding "team members" (a word she was more comfortable with than bridesmaids) vintage gifts including a very awesome makeup carrying case for our friend Katherine, had this made for me. She knew I loved Karen's work and that together they would be able to create something perfectly suited for me. Plus the fabric and trimmings used in the piece are vintage, so it fit with the theme.

Let me tell you, this makes me the happiest girl. It reminds me of the creative work I love to do myself (quilting), how much I appreciate the skill of other people, of my amazing friendship (and how so very thoughtful V is), and also that sometimes, a girl just needs to have a little silk and lace in her life. Not to mention pink. And flowers.

I'm going to have it mounted to float in a deep frame so that I can hang it on my wall and enjoy it each and everyday. If you want to see more images and here more from Karen about the piece, head over to her blog to see her recap of the commission. Thanks again V!!


  1. This is beyond beautiful! One thing I've never been good at is embroidery... and I don't try because these kinds of things are too glorious to compare to. :)

  2. YAY! Karen does such amazing work and was also so much fun to work with during the whole process -- she blogged little progress reports (with photos!) and sent them to me as she worked, so she could make sure I would be pleased with the end result. And every time, my response was something like "well of course, you're a genius."

    I'm so pleased you love it too! xox

  3. How lovely and SWEET! Something to treasure always:)

  4. yes, i love karen's work...i have a piece of hers also.