Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My Best Friend's Wedding- Sneak Peek

Oh, how I love this image! That's Virginia and Dan as they are marrying each other at their wedding this past Saturday. I've promised Virginia that I'd wait until she was back from her honeymoon to do a proper blog post on all of the projects we did for the event, but I needed to share a bit because it was so fantastic. It was such a blessing that I was able to go to CT and spend a few days with Virginia and the rest of the bridesmaids prior to the wedding helping finish up the preparations. We assembled the welcome bags, ran errands, arranged flowers, and help set up the yard. The wedding was in Virginia's mom's backyard and they had been working for months—thank goodness it didn't rain a bit on wedding day and we were able to enjoy the beautiful garden setting!

V is a writer and she recently received this antique typewriter. Luckily, it got a tune up and was ready to be picked up the day prior to the wedding, and served as one of the guest books. Guests typed up notes to the happy couple and many of them, including myself, were amazed at how hard it was to type (compared with a computer) and also how much fun it was.

Here's a sampling of the flowers in the garden in the color palette that had been set for the wedding. Marion and Pat, V's mother and stepfather, spend many months getting the grounds ready and it was truly the loveliest setting for a wedding.

The wedding was small, just over 120 people, and the aisle was lined with mason jars filled with flowers and hung from stands with creme ribbon.

Here you can see an example of the table toppers we made—this was one of the cocktail tables—and the flower arrangements we contributed to the day. I promise to share more once V returns including the invitations, the British crackers we made, more on the welcome bags and the MOST amazing centerpieces that have ever been!


  1. i adore that typewriter idea! i found a vintage one, too -- might have to get it tuned up soon :)

  2. The flowers are awesome - LOVE the mason jars! Can't wait to see the whole shebang when she returns and gives you the thumbs up!