Monday, July 27, 2009

Wheat Bread, Spelt Crackers, Peach Crisp and More!

Last week I was out of town on business (and a bit of pleasure at the shore) and by the time I got home on Thursday evening, all I wanted was a homemade meal in my own kitchen. Which, by Saturday morning became the perfect excuse to spend a few hours making all sorts of lovely things! Above and below is the whole grain bread that I made, it's the regular, 10 minutes of kneading kind, the kind that requires two risings, the kind that is so addictive that I had to put half of the loaf into the freezer so that I don't eat it for every meal. My first slice I ate with goat cheese and honey.
There's the full boule, though I started cutting it before I remembered I needed to take a picture! Nice and rustic I think.

This was a peach crisp-esque dessert that I made with some of the large quantity of peaches I bought at the farmers market. I based it off of this Peach and Plum Crisp recipe, but I halved it since I made a little one. (Heidi's image of the dessert is way better than mine!). I had it for dessert last night and just ate it with plain yogurt for breakfast. It's not that sweet and I actually reduced the amount of sugar added to the fruit because I knew that the peaches were super sweet. And there is yogurt in the topping, rather than using a stick of butter, which was a nice healthy twist.
Granola, which is plain maple and coconut, though I did add in a cup of 7 grain cereal which makes it crunchier than usual.

Here's what I'll be eating for lunch a few days this week: a wheatberry (my current favorite grain) salad with roasted zucchini (regular and patty pan) with parsley and pecorino. The dressing is the juice and zest of one lemon, olive oil, salt and pepper. I would have added a shallot if I'd had one, but it turned out pretty great without it.

And finally some Spelt Crackers. I went to Target the other night to pick up a few things and I was standing in the cracker/granola bar aisle about to buy a few boxes when I thought, wait, I know how to make perfectly good crackers. Why don't I save the money and do it myself with the ingredients in my kitchen? So I did. I will be tackling granola bars next weekend!

The rest of my weekend was filled with riding my bike, doing yoga, finishing up my new blog header (which I'll post soon!), and enjoying the lovely weather. I even spent a few hours watching lightning bugs last night. A perfect summer weekend, indeed.


  1. Idyllic. A perfect weekend. Love the pictures of all of your kitchen creations--inspiring!

  2. All that food looks delicious!