Wednesday, July 15, 2009

July Print of the Month

In accordance with my 2009 to-do list, I'm purchasing a photo, illustration or piece of art each month of the year in an effort to fill some of the blank space on my walls. This month I've chosen this lovely image, "flowers shop print", from Abby Try Again. I bought it as a custom 8x12 because I have one print that size and I love the proportions of the rectangle. (I also donated $2 to her travel expenses fund to help her get to the Second Storie Indie Market in November 2009!) I have been hearing a lot about how cold and lengthy the winters here in Iowa are (even though it's July!) so I'm attempting to do what I can to make my home as cheerful as I can between now and then so that I'm properly prepared for the subzero temperatures.

1 comment:

  1. Great find Amy! This will look super cheery (and warm) on your walls. Speaking from a fellow "winter" gal (I live in Wisconsin) better get your mittens ready. The snow is wonderful to look at but the cold can get quite painful!