Monday, July 20, 2009

Weekend at the Jersey Shore

Here's a look at my weekend in pictures. I was a lucky girl and got to go to the NJ shore from Friday through Sunday, and I got to see my parents and my sister and her husband.

The weather was a glorious 82 (I'm guessing- that's what it felt like) and sunny, though the water was a bit too cold for my liking. I just happily looked at it from my beach chair (and laughed at the folks who kept being surprised by the incoming tide).

I spent every summer, when I wasn't in daycamp, at this beach. Amazingly, even though I can't do a cartwheel like I once could, or build the same high quality drip castles, it pretty much looks the same.

My camera takes pretty awful close ups, but I wanted to let you know that I made peach-blueberry buckwheat pancakes for our Sunday morning breakfast and they were yummy.

We also tried out my mom's new panini maker for the first time with these pesto caprese sandwiches. My sister and I manned the griddle together and I tried, unsucessfully, to stop making fun of her for doing the total opposite of what the recipe we were using said. It was a lovely weekend.


  1. Where did you go on the Jersey Shore? My family used to live in Spring Lake. I am originally from Jersey and I will always be a "jersey girl" at heart!

  2. Looks fabulously relaxing and delicious!

  3. This is in Ocean City, which is further south than Spring Lake. I've been going there forever and ever- which means nothing says summer like the boardwalk, frozen custard and caramel corn!