Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Instant Heirloom: Made by Mosey

I am in love with these mobiles. Each is made by Melbourne-based Madeline, mother of two and as she says it, "expert in all things soft, cute and cuddly". No two of her creations are ever the same.

She sells these mobiles in various colors in her etsy shop, along with buntings (many of which are made with vintage fabrics) and baby quilts.

This mobile would only be for a child with a naturally cheerful disposition, or perhaps one that lived in a very sunny place to start to teach him what clouds look like!

And here are two more of my favorite mobiles of hers filled with floating butterflies. I have two baby showers coming up and while my first instinct is to try to make something, I'm honestly not sure whether I have time to start another crafting project (am currently trying to finish two quilts!), even though I'd love to make one of these. Which means Madeline might be sending some of her mobiles to the States!

Also you might have noticed that I have a new blog header. I thought that it was time to change things up and try something with a little less pattern. The fabric that I sewed the name onto is one of my favorites, a purchase from Purl Patchwork back before I left NYC. What do you guys think? Do we like it? I know that the bottom of it is a little wrinkled, but I'm inclined to go with it since this is a place all about making things ourselves, and the feeling of imperfectly perfect seems to fit. But I'd love to hear your feedback to get a sense of whether it appeals to you as well!


  1. Those are neat!

  2. Great mobiles! And I love your new header, it seems to sum up what you want for the site very well! If you'd like the pickiest of comments (is pickiest even a word?) I wish you could crop the right side of the picture a little looser so there's a little bit of fabric to the right of the embroidered e. But, that's the teeniest little thing, so no worries!