Thursday, September 17, 2009

Giveaway! Anna Maria Horner Good Folks, Plum Fabric, Tote Bag

It's about time for a giveaway!! Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while might recognize this as the first "real" bag that I ever made. I used my sewing machine, fusible webbing, and followed a pattern. It was a BIG day. That was months ago and I still can't bring myself to use it—I just like to look at it sitting in it's designated spot in my closet. Which I think is just sad and it's defeating the purpose of why I made it in the first place. SO...

I have decided to give it away. To pass it on to someone else who will enjoy all of it's pink splendor. I am a big fan of functional crafts, and this one happens to be just that—and pretty! And someone needs to start using it!

Here's how to enter:
1.) Post a comment that speaks to your favorite memory from this past summer. It can be anything** you want.
2.) Use your name or a user name (rather than anonymously) when commenting, or if you want to do it anonymously make sure you do this next step:
3.) Email me your name/user name (thingswemake [at] gmail [dot] com) and your mailing address to increase the chances that if you do win, I can contact you and get the bag to you. You can still win if you don't email me, but if, when I announce the winner, I don't hear from you for 48 hours, I will proceed to the runner up.
BONUS POINTS: if you post another comment around the site on a previous post, I will enter your name twice!

You need to do all three of these things by 12am Tuesday September 22 to have a chance to win. A free bag, handmade by moi, just for sharing a lovely memory? Sweet deal!

**Here's my favorite memory from the summer.
There was a moment during Virginia and Dan's wedding reception that V and I were on the backside of the tent, standing in the darkness, looking in at the candlelit party. She had her hands up at her mouth, giddy about how much fun everyone was having dancing, delighted at how much fun she was having, esctactic that it turned out the way she'd seen it in her head. It was a moment to stop, take it all in, sigh heavily, and appreciate that all of the effort and planning we'd done had paid off. In buckets and spades.

There was also a particularly memoriable picnic on a quilt, hanging clothes on a line for the first time in years, eating breakfast at the farmers market watching the city go by, a particularly stunning sunrise, crafting with loads of glitter with my new Des Moines friends, my first taste of fresh, locally made mozarella with homemade bread. It was a memorable summer, that's for sure.


  1. My favorite summer memory is always time spent at the beach with the kids. Since they are all grown it's harder to get everyone to meet there. But when they come , even for just a couple of days, it's bliss!

  2. I completed my first quilt this past summer, which is a great memory for me. But it was also a wedding gift for my best friend from high school; the wedding itself was lovely and is a great memory, but an even better memory is the first time I heard from her after she had opened it. She said that she loved it and that she knew it was filled with all of the love our friendship had created - I felt that all of my hard work was appreciated and that she really understood why I made her something instead of just buying off her registry. It was great!

  3. Last summer was very beautiful - I had time to rest, meet friends, do some crafts and travel a bit in Estonian mainland :)

  4. Does last weekend still count as summer? If so, a roadtrip to Chicago with my son Jordan was my favorite memory. He's usually so busy with school & friends that I Don't get to spend much time with him.

    Very pretty bag, BTW! I'd love to win it.

  5. A spontaneous trip to Dinosaur National Monument from Denver when the Park Service had a free day in June. Beautiful drive and perfect weather.

  6. A gal can never have too many bags...I came to your site via the ReadyMade blog.

  7. What a beautiful tote!

    My fondest summer memories were at our family cabin in South Lake Tahoe (Fallen Leaf Lake, to be exact). After my dad passed away, his two brothers had to sell it, but those memories always remain. Before the new store opened (the old store is at the end of "City of Angels"), we would row down to that end of the lake and while Dad bought a newspaper and any other supplies, we wily kids would squander our money away on nickel candy--jolly ranchers, gum, etc. We'd spend a lot of time on the dock, swimming, and trading candy in between expeditions in the canoe.

    Every time I smell a certain mixture of dirt and pine trees, it takes me back.

  8. You're giving this bag away? Oh my gosh! You did such a great job with it, Amy.
    My favorite memory was earning a pilot's license. Sometimes I don't even think it's real.
    If I'm the lucky winner, I would want to give this bag to a cousin who just had a baby girl. I suspect that was a favorite part of her summer no question!
    Thanks Amy.

  9. Giving away your first bag? I don't think I'd be able to part with mine. And in that beautiful fabric too! Goodness, tho, if you are looking for it to have a good home, I will throw my hat in the ring.

    Hrm, favorite memory from the summer... It would probably have to be that dinner at El Rancho Grande in Fort Worth, a place we went countless times as a family when I was growing up. My brother and mom were both visiting and I don't get to see either of them often. My dad came in from Louisiana and my uncle was there too. We drank margaritas and ate Tex-Mex, and it was just so nice to have them all near.

    Here's a shot from the evening. Yay!

    Email TK. :)