Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Instant Heirloom (With a Giveaway!): Galit Barak

Galit has generously offered up a $30 gift credit at her etsy shop! I am completely enamored with her work and her story, and I hope that you'll read more about her and enter to win. Scroll to the bottom of the post for details!

Galit Barak
Website/Blog: galit.etsy.com; galitbarak.blogspot.com
Twitter: twitter.com/galitbarak

Where do you live? I live in a small town called Karkur in Israel. I have lived in Israel all of my life, I can't imagine myself living anywhere else. I love the people, the cities and villages, and the best thing here is the variety of landscapes and traveling you can do here.

Tell me a little bit about what you make and how you started making it?
Since childhood I enjoy creating and crafting, I love to draw, paint, photograph, knit, crochet and exploring new materials and techniques. While I served in the army as a soldiers tour guide in Jerusalem I tried crocheting with simple brass wires, and loved the result, once I gained more experience, I began using Sterling silver and gold filled wires to create my jewelry. Most of the items I create are crochet, I like round shapes the compliment the body. In 2 weeks I'm starting my B.Design degree in Jewelry Design in Shenkar collage in Tel Aviv.

For someone who hasn't seen your work, how would you describe your style? Very unique, elegant, delicate, lace like, floating jewelry pieces.

Do you sell most of your work locally or do you have a large customer base outside of Israel?
The truth is I sell most of my jewelry in my Etsy shop. I don't like to go to the regular fairs here, but we do have some local fairs dedicated to art and craft, which are great. I love to meet people, hear their opinions on my work and of course make a few face-to-face sales.

What's the handmade movement like where you live- have you seen it grow over the past few years like it has in the states? My town known for a large community of artist, which founded a unique, once a year, cross county fair, that is made, published and run by us. Alona, a very dear friend of mine is the reason why I opened my shop. She is an amazing jewelry designer and you can see her work here. Our artist community is ever growing.

Did you have any teachers who became mentors along the way? I always drew and paint and learned fine art in high school, but in the crochet wire jewelry field, I am a self-taught. I cannot wait to start my metal smithing courses in college!

Where do you find your inspiration? I love round and wavy shapes, and I find inspiration in nature, and geometry.

Is this your full time work? I just finished my work as au pair for 3 adorable kids, and I'm planning to fully support my self trough my etsy shop when I'll be a full time student.

What's the best part of your day?
I love it when I have a sale, I love it when it's from a person in a country I haven't send to yet, I love it when I'm on the front page and I like to go to the postal office and get over seas goods, but most of all, I love to kick back, relax, talk to my boyfriend, and sleep well. Soon we are moving in together. I'm so excited!

What's a favorite item that you've made or that you're working on? My favorite items is my Moebius Bangle, it's in a shape of a Moebius ring. It's very simple looking, but very impressive in the same time, and you can play with it, fold it and roll it - so much fun!

What do you hope customers experience when they purchase your work? The first thing is to feel the jewelry compliment themselves, feel confidence and feel good about them selves. I often get feedback from customers who say they receive lots of good comments from friend and family, attracts a lot of attention from people whom they don't know. The best part is when a customer come back to my shop for a second round because then I'm sure she or he are satisfied with the piece.

1.) Post a comment here about why you'd like to win (I can think of someone in my life who has a birthday coming up that one of these necklaces would look amazing on!) by 12 am EST Sunday October 4th.
2.) Make sure to post with a user name so I can identify you, and email me at thingswemake at gmail dot com with your address if you'd like to be extra thorough with your entry.
3.) Bonus! Post a comment on another blog entry on my site and I'll enter you twice!


  1. Oh my gosh, how beautiful! I'd like to win because my birthday is October 5th and it would be lovely to pick myself out a little present! I'd also like to win because I think this jewellery is so special and unique that it's something that could be passed on.

  2. I have never seen such beautiful jewelry! The crochet technique is amazing!!!I would love to say that I would love to win it for one of my girls but..... I might have to keep it for myself!Sorry girls!

  3. Sorry that is me above!

  4. Lisa J.... So pretty--I love it all! But I especially have my eye on that gorgeous cuff with pearls and the bridesmaid necklaces.

  5. Wow, thanks for sharing... this jewelry is gorgeous! Especially love the pieces with the gold mixed with pearls. I would love to win because my parents have provided me with so much support these last few months, and I would love to be able to give them each a really great gift as a sign of my appreciation... and I think a unique piece of jewelry is great symbolically to pass around in a family.

  6. Thanks for introducing me to Galit and her wonderful shop. Several of her pieces would be perfect for my ultra-hard-to-buy-for sister! Please enter me. Thanks!

  7. Just posted a comment on your Thai Pumpkin and Squash Soup post! :)

  8. Thank you so much for the supportive post, I can't wait to email the winner the prize!

  9. Such beautiful jewlery! Pearl is my birthstone so I am always looking for pretty pearl settings.

    Galit's work is amazing!

  10. I love Galit's youthful and fashionable approach to jewelry
    design. Her jewelry is gorgeous!

  11. Galit's jewelry is gorgeous! I'm thinking of someone who has a birthday coming up, too. Me! Tomorrow.
    Lovely. Thank you for showcasing all of these wonderful artists!

  12. I dont remember how I found your blog, but I am enjoying it! I'd like to win to pick something out for my mom for christmas. It's neat to read the artist's story! Thanks

  13. There is such gaiety in Galit's commentary, and she manages to translate that spirit of lightness into her designs. I'm a pearl girl, but the blue stone necklace...

  14. I'm especially fond of Galit's Half Moon Necklace. Beautiful design, workmanship and photography!

  15. oh wow! such beautiful stuff and such a great story of how the artist came upon this skill! I think I should win this giveaway because I am getting married in a couple of weeks and I could always use more beautiful things for the wedding week!

  16. Oh wow. I seriously tried going without entering this giveaway... but can't. I love this jewelry. It's now an etsy favorite of mine, and I love how she wants to support herself during school with the business. So cool! I would get one of the bridesmaids sets - one for my sister, our brand new sister-in-law, and one for me.

  17. I really like how Gilet crochets the wires. How creative! I am excited for all that she will learn in school to help her business. If I were to win, I would choose the lace bangle bracelet because I love how simple it looks from the distance, but close up it so intricate.