Wednesday, September 9, 2009

My Office's Garden, A Tour

Last Friday I had the pleasure of meeting a few friends in the garden outside of my office at Meredith for lunch. The garden is only open to the public on Fridays, and it draws decent crowds (Meredith publishes Better Homes and Gardens, as well as Successful Farming, so it's grounds at meticulous!). Even though this was only my third time in the garden, I am fortunate that I can enjoy this lovely setting every day of the week as an employee.

I brought my camera with me to lunch since I realized that the flowers won't be in bloom that much longer and that I wouldn't have too much longer to share this incredible setting with you this season. Plus, when I first moved out here, my mom came for a brief visit and unsuccessfully tried to see the inside of the garden (it was locked up for the weekend). I figured she should see how pretty it is, even from a far!

There are very nice tables and chairs in the main central section of the garden, that are shaded by trees, making it a nice spot to relax even on a hot summer day.

That building in the background on the left is where I go to work every day. Pretty nice, right?

These roses were very nearly past their prime, but I love the color. And it was really fun to take a lot of photos with my new camera and not have any of them turn out blurry (as was the case with my former one)!

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  1. The garden is lovely! Thanks for the photos!
    XO Momma