Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Quick Craft: Initial Coasters, Two Ways

My sister Katie sent me these coasters over the weekend, which were part of the result of a recent crafting night she had with two of her girlfriends. One of her friends, Clare, had the idea to make coasters (I assume she needed some) and suggested felt. So along with their third friend Megan, the girls went to AC Moore, picked up supplies, and got to work.

They are super simple and kind of preppy (well, at least the initial ones!), which I like. Katie described them as "elementary school-esque" but I think they are pretty impressive. Each is backed with a piece of thin cork, which I assume had an adhesive on one side.

They reminded me of these coasters, which we made when I was back at the Hallmark magazine from glass tiles (that you can buy in bulk at home supply stores). We painted them with stencils and I rather like that they are so straight forward.

Each has four little plastic feet on them to keep them from scratching whatever surface they are on. And yes, while I know we are moving out of the humid season, we are moving into the season where little gifts come in very handy. Sets of either of these tied with a pretty ribbon would be a lovely hostess or housewarming gift. Just something to keep in mind!


  1. I can't help but notice there's no J coaster pictured here....

  2. I was going with the theme of my initials :)