Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Instant Heirloom: Brandy of Broken Hallelujah

It's been quite some time since I've posted an Instant Heirloom, so just to remind you, this designation means that the person below is reinterpreting traditional crafts in a modern, new way. Which is, I'd have to say, my favorite type of craft.

Name: Brandy
Website/Blog: Etsy studio, brokenhallelujah.etsy.com; Blog, brokenxhallelujah.blogspot.com
Online networks: Facebook page; Twitter: twitter.com/bhallelujah

Where do you live? I just moved to Wilmington, North Carolina about a month ago. I'm trying to earn my master's degree in marine biology and hope to begin the coursework next year.

Tell me a little bit about what you make and how you started making it? I make crochet accessories for women. I began crocheting because it was a craft I had done when I was much younger. And I saw some beautiful crochet items on the Craftster boards and was inspired to reteach myself. I liked doing more stylish crochet than just baby items, blankets, or dish towels. The Happy Hooker really inspired me to be more hip with my patterns and color choices.
For someone who hasn't seen your work, how would you describe your stye? I'd say feminine, colorful, a modern twist on a craft considered something grandma would do. But functional. And always fun!

Did you have any teachers who became mentors along the way? My mom always did a lot of crafty things with her hands. She mostly did work on jewelry, but she would sell them at booths. She's helped me a lot in finding new projects and designs. She helps me work out colors and is just all around a great inspiration. My sister also helps me out in giving honest opinions on my work, which I definitely appreciate.

How has your creative process changed as you've been able to increase your interaction with customers online? I definitely approach my items with a 'how will this be used in my customer's lives' and 'why would they want to use it'. I also try to be more creative with my color choices based on what is popular. And I always always strive for my work to look sturdy, well made, and worth the price.
Where do you find your inspiration? In the yarn. In the textures & colors of the yarn. I can go yarn shopping and have no idea what I plan to make, but by the time I'm done I have a few ideas spinning around my head all due to texture and color.

Is this your full time work? Right now it is. I used to be a full time student, but I recently graduated and am trying to get into a graduate program. It's proving difficult, so I am working on my business while I continue to try to get into school.

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