Friday, April 23, 2010

Inspired Image: Amy of the Handmade Writer

Today's Inspired Image comes from Amy, who runs a new e-course called the Handmade Writer.   "Rather than focusing on any particular style of writing or for any particular type of writer, this course is about exploring the world and looking for inspiration around you. It is a designed to encourage people to take their writing a bit more seriously and find motivation to fit it into their lives." There's a session in progress right now, but stay tuned to Amy's website for info about upcoming sessions.
Hello, my name is Amy Spencer

You can find me at Bring Yourself

This image comes from a postcard that I keep on my bookshelf in my study. It is of a room in an old synagogue in Spitalfields, East London with a story. A reclusive man named David Rodinsky lived there, while working as the caretaker of the building. One day he vanished from his room and no one seemed to notice. In the 1980s, twenty years later, the room was unlocked. All Rodinsky's belongings were still there just as he had left them. This picture is of the room just after it was opened for the first time. The room was full of books and strange pieces of writing. Rodinsky, and what happened to him, became one of the mysteries of Spitalfields.

The synagogue, where Rodinsky used to live, is now a museum of immigration and diversity and I used to volunteer there. The photograph in the postcard was taken by John Freeman.

It inspires me because
of the mystery surrounding Rodinsky's story. It reminds me of a place I love.

I particularly love how this photograph shows a person who was forgotten by everyone and later remembered. I am interested by what Rodinsky left behind and how this can be pieced together to build a story about his life.

It makes me feel sad and hopeful. It makes me think of all the stories that are hidden everywhere we go.

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