Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Second Quilt: Pink, Brown and Yellow Patchwork

My second quilt was a gift to my sister Katie for her college graduation. I think there is remarkable progress between the first and this one and I particularly love the fabric combination that I used. The fabric came from a stash that Katie collected during high school when she sewed bags, most of which came from a nun at her school. I sort of like that even though we didn't know exactly where the fabric originated, it could be put together as a cohesive whole, which is an appropriate thought for college graduation I think! (If you look closely at the quilts over the week, you'll see fabric appear in more than one—I always have leftovers and I like the idea that I've tied them all together!)


  1. Amy, I still love this quilt that you made for me. I like how the brown and yellow work with the bright pink and how subtle the back is with the soft yellow flowers. You reminded me of how these fabrics came from Sr. Ethel! So fun. Thanks!

  2. I like this, Il like the whole idea of this. It's great !