Thursday, April 29, 2010

Link Love: Feeling Like Lace

I've been feeling more drawn to lace than usual lately, so I thought I'd share some of my favorite recent finds. I'm hoping to get out to some antique/thrift stores soon (it's been forever!) and am definitely going to keep an eye out for some vintage pieces to play with.

Above and below are pieces from Tuuni on etsy. She lives in Finland and uses mainly vintage and recycled materials. I am slightly obsessed with her combination of lace and linen.

This looks like a project that would be great for centerpieces at a small event. Amy over at Mod Podge Rocks posted these lace tea lights as a project of the week back in March, via the girls at the design blog Mint.

While this last one is technically a crocheted linen thread lariat, it looks like lace and would be a simple, yet stunning pair with a basic tee. This is from magdalinen, a maker based in Latvia, who offers some fantastic and floral-inspired accessories. She also uses a lot of recycled materials and linen, which is making me realize that it's really the combination of lace and linen that is speaking to me.


  1. I adore that pillow. It reminds me of some linen pincushions with crochet tops that you had on here a while ago. Lovely!

  2. That last one is just amazing! Love all of these though! I want to make a lace pillow soon!! -Katie