Thursday, April 8, 2010

Link Love: Spring Dresses

I tend to catch up on other blogs while I'm eating lunch each day and since I come across so many lovely things, I've decided that I should start sharing them with you. Today's topic: spring dresses.

Alicia Paulson is sewing the most darling clothes while she's waiting for the little girl she and her husband are adopting to arrive. This is one of the (many) dresses that I'd like to have in my size. 

This is a vintage dress spotted on the ReadyMade fashion blog, Off the Rack, from the closet of Krissy, who runs the etsy shop Cottage Farm. I love Jane's suggestions on what to wear with this dress, though I would be happy wearing it with a simple pair of brown flip flops and a ponytail.

I'm really trying to focus on enjoying the clothes I already own—inspired in large part by Alyson and also a looming large purchase—but I'm keeping this Tuileres Sleeveless dress from etsy seller Tortilla Girl in my favorites for when I'm ready to shop. Each one is custom made, based on a pattern that she built herself, which I love, plus a girl's got to have some ruffles, right?

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