Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Embroidered Fabric Love for Lou Lou & Oscar

Lou Lou & Oscar is one of my new favorite embroidery shops and I am very drawn to these little guys from Lisa Aaron. 

From Lisa:

I adore Scandinavian design and all things Zakka. Beautiful fabric is my passion. My creatures are made using material from Linum & Himla of Sweden, Green Gate of Denmark and the UK's own Cabbages & Roses. I am lucky enough to be able to source most of my fabric locally.
 How could you not be a fan of that—and these?!

I'm actually going on vacation soon (so soon it's a little distracting) and I've been trying to decide on what type of stitchery project to bring with me. We'll be in the car for a decent amount of time and I know that I just don't feel right without a needle and thread—and I'm thinking a sweet little embroidery project might be the way to go.

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