Thursday, June 3, 2010

Link Love: Flowers For Your Hair

I have just realized that while I think wearing flowers in my hair is just the most delightful idea, I'm not sure I've done it in recent memory. SO, this post is as much meant to inspire you as it is me to put a little spring in my locks.

I don't often wear headbands since they can get lost in all of my curly hair, but I love, love, love this Double Pink one above from Jen of JRLYDesigns. She has some amazing flower bib necklaces that you should also high tail it over to her shop to see, along with more satin floral headbands and bobby pins in a wide rainbow of colors.

The little bobby pins above are from Grace of The Pagestoppers. They are silver plated with vintage-inspired flowers, in such pretty pastels. They remind me of what I would have wanted to wear when I was little—which is remarkably similar to what I want to wear now (it usually involves pink!).

These floating flowers are actually in our latest issue of ReadyMade (which you should totally check out- it's filled with fantastic summer projects and recipes, including ice cream!). Betsy of foundling is the creative force behind them and they are made out of old polyester blouses. You could make them in any style that you like—click here for the how-to so you can make your own at home.

You'd really need to be in the right mood to wear this Rosette Fascinator, but I can think of at least one sundress that I own (a simple white one from Jcrew) that this would be quite fetching with. It's just one of a slew of varieties from Giant Dwarf.

I guess the point of all of these accessories is me saying, you know what? Some days it's perfectly acceptable—no, suggested—to go a little bigger. Subtle is lovely, but some days call for a little showing off. (I'm not sure what's inspiring all of that, though a big bday is rolling around next week, so it might be that...)

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