Thursday, June 10, 2010

Friendship Bracelet Swap: More Mail!

Today is June 10, which means you have 10 days to get your friendship bracelets to me for the swap! I got a few more over the past week which I'm excited to share with you. I wasn't expecting the range of bracelets that have come in, so that has made mail call a lot of fun each day!

Above is the awesome two-strand bracelet from Casey, and the load of floss that she sent in for me to donate. And her so sweet hare card. Whoever gets this in exchange is a lucky lady!

This one is from Susan, who did a very awesome split and change up in the middle, showing off our two favorite styles of bracelets. Love!

Okay, Felicity's bracelet is going to remain a secret because I both love her little folded envelope and I am not certain that I could put it back together if I opened it. But thank you Felicity for including some extra materials!

And the last in this batch is from Kathi, who made her bracelet in a style that I have never seen before. It's very circular and impressively professional looking. Kathi, if you read this and you know of a link to a tutorial to make this kind of bracelet, please do share—I'm very curious about the process.

For the rest of you who have signed up, the weekend is coming, so it's time to get making! Actually, these don't take all that long to whip up, so I hope you can find some time to complete yours. And a big thanks to everyone who has sent theirs in already.


  1. I found this excellent video. Might be how she did the round style weaving, only with floss not yarn.

  2. oops looks like that link won't work, just cut and paste it into your browser window.

  3. I just checked and it looks like that video is no longer available, but there are a ton of other videos along the right side that might be helpful!

  4. Busted half of one out last night but had to stop because I'd cut the thread too short. Do-over!

  5. I'm hosting (okay, it'll be held at dive bar truth be told!) a bracelet making party tomorrow night, so we should all have our bracelets in the mail this weekend!

  6. Glad it arrived safely Amy. How fun to see all the variations!