Friday, June 25, 2010

Inspired Image: Jaime of Prudent Baby

Hello, my name is Jaime Morrison Curtis

You can find me at Prudent Baby and Prudent Advice.

This image comes from my iphone, snapped from the 10 FWY on a drive out to the desert.

It inspires me because
rainbows are magical.

I particularly love
the randomness of it.  It hadnt been raining, it was 100 degrees outside, and here is this rainbow just plopped there in the distance.

It makes me feel hopeful.

The 3 words it conjures up are surprise, sweetness, solitude

The day that Jaime emailed me to introduce herself, I happened to see her house on Young House Love. Needless to say, I was instantly interested in getting to know her more. And I'm happy to link to this fantastic Beginner's Bias Tape Bag tutorial that she recently posted.

Even though I've never used bias tape, her instructions and the downloadable pattern definitely make me feel like I could. Thanks Jaime for a fantastic image to end the week on, and for pointing me in the direction of this project. Enjoy the weekend everyone!

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