Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Friendship Bracelet Swap: They are Starting to Arrive!

When I was first thinking of hosting a friendship bracelet swap a few months ago, I admit that I was slightly intimidated by the logistics of it. For example, I had a deadline to sign up that has mostly proved to be meaningless—which means that if you are just finding out about it, feel free to email me at thingswemake [at] gmail [dot] com for more information! Anyone who can make a bracelet and send it to me to arrive no later than June 20 is completely welcome aboard.

Okay, now to the fun part. The bracelets! I love (love!) getting these little packages in the mail and I'm going to share them all with you as they arrive so that you can see what other people are making and see what you might wind up getting in exchange.

Up above is the AMAZING collection from Little Messy Missy. I was blown away by the assortment—yes those are charms on the ends of most of the bracelets! Each one is a little bit different and she was so kind as to include a bag of floss to add to my donation to the girls of my local Boys & Girls Club.

This second one is from Breanna (on twitter here) and I love the color combination (pretty similar to my own) and the sweet note that she included for her soon-to-be new friend.

Keep them coming!


  1. Oh man! I've got to get cracking on mine! It will be a project for this weekend for sure. Those look so fun!

  2. i am sending you one in the next few days :) ...muscle memory is amazing, i can't believe i remembered how to make these!

  3. I'm just finishing working out the details for the bracelet making party that I'll be hosting. This gives me serious motivation to get crackin'!

  4. I need to remember how to make these. I remember thread, a safety pin, and lots of knotting... Year 6 was a lifetime ago!